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ProductivityNOW eLearning

$1,094.50 inc GST
Manufacturer: Redstack
eLearning is amazing because it allows users to set their own pace and to get access to information 24/7. Get a full catalog of training and educational resources by subscribing to Redstack eLearning. Information is available at your own convenience!

ProductivityNOW gives users full access to our stacked library full of online training curriculum categorized according to the industry. Browse through our online repository for coursework, videos, assessments, and downloadable sample files.

Employees can get updates on existing information, practice new skills, and brush up on existing knowledge by revisiting old topics.

Redstack eLearning is also a fantastic resource for students. There is video-enhanced eLearning with unlimited video content to support the information offered in the curriculum.

● Insight from the instructors through videos embedded in the courseware
● Information is updated regularly
● Take notes, highlight and bookmark
● Topic-specific learning objects: animated demonstrations, hands-on exercise, and application tips and techniques.
● Reinforce the learning content by practicing and drawing files
● Track your proficiency with the software through user quizzes
● The courses include concepts with supporting examples, explanations, procedures and illustrations.
● Content-based on Autodesk Official Training Guides (AOTG) created by ASCENT eCourseware for architecture, building, engineering, and manufacturing industries.

To see a full list of the Courses, Quizzes and Video Collections, click HERE

Volume discounting available, please call us on 1300 667 263 for details.
Allow 2 business days for activation of your ProductivityNOW login.

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