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Ultimaker 3 Extended - 3D Printer

The Ultimaker 3 Extended is the best 3D printer available. Large prints and complex designs are now possible. The enhanced 3D performance ensures you achieve your design goals with ease, thanks to the unique nozzle lifting system, the swappable print cores of the Ultimaker 3 Extended and a professional build quality combined with great support materials.
$6,800.00 inc GST

Markforged Mark Two - Onyx

The Mark Two uses Markforged unique continuous fiber reinforcements, and it is trusted for having strong and versatile parts. The Mark Two stands above all other 3D printers because it prints materials other printers can’t print, including Carbon Fiber, Kevlar and Fiberglass.

Available for immediate delivery
Call for pricing

Dremel 3D45 3D Printer

Raise your creativity with the new Dremel DigiLab 3D printer with quick and easy set-up for the experimental & experienced.
$3,095.00 inc GST

Formlabs Form 3 Starter Pack - PREORDER

PRE-ORDER the Form 3 Printer

With the Form 3 you get a scalable and affordable prototyping and production platform. Ready to grow with your business. Consistently deliver industrial quality 3D printed parts.

The first batch of Form 3 3D Printers is expected to arrive in Australia at the end of November 2019. Numbers are limited so order early to be among the first in Australia to receive a Form 3. Total price is $5,900 ex GST

Do you own a Form2?
Receive your exclusive $800 inc GST Loyalty Discount off the purchase of a Form 3 when you confirm your Form 2.
$1,000.00 inc GST

Ultimaker S5 3D Printer

The Ultimaker S5 works on a powerful technology, and its simple, clean and stylish enclosure is a great fit for your office. The internal temperature and optimal airflow are regulated by the tinted glass doors and an enclosed front.
$10,500.00 inc GST

Product Design and Manufacturing Collection

Now comes with HSM CAM software and Nastran In-CAD along with Inventor Professional, AutoCAD, Navisworks Manage and more. The Product Design and Manufacturing collection is the best way to access the most essential Autodesk software for product and factory design.
From $500.50 inc GST

Architecture, Eng & Construction Collection

With this collection, you can design superior and more sustainable buildings. Expand your ability to deliver bigger and better designs. Available in this collection is: Autodesk Revit, Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D, Autodesk AutoCAD, and a portfolio of additional software.
From $544.50 inc GST

Media & Entertainment Collection

The Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection offers key products such as Maya and 3Ds Max, in addition to other software.

Get digital content creation tools for efficient 3D animation, life-like effects, realistic 3D characters, and stunning settings for film, TV and game workflows.
From $418.00 inc GST

AutoCAD Civil 3D

AutoCAD Civil 3D software enables you to deliver higher-quality transportation, land development, and environmental engineering projects faster. AutoCAD Civil 3D is a civil engineering design and documentation software that supports Building Information Modelling (BIM) workflows by extending the value of the model.
From $429.00 inc GST

Inventor Professional

With Autodesk Inventor Professional software, engineers have specialized design and engineering tools for simulation, 3D mechanical design, visualization, tooling, and documentation.
From $385.00 inc GST

PLA Filament by Formfutura

FormFutura EasyFil PLA is an “easy to use” 3D printer filament, which is slightly modified with an impact modifier making the filament tougher, slightly softer, less rigid, much longer preservable and easy to print at relatively low temperatures.

See below for selection
From $49.50 inc GST

PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) by Formfutura

PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) is a water soluble support material for multi-extrusion 3D printing. With a good thermal stability, PVA is ideal for printing complex models that require supports for large overhangs, deep internal cavities, and intricate geometries.

See below for selection
From $60.50 inc GST

TitanX by Formfutura

TitanX is an industrial-grade, high-performance and FFF/FDM-optimized ABS based engineering filament. TitanX is the evolution of ABS into a warp-free filament with unsurpassed mechanical properties and is extremely suitable for 3D printing large scale and high precision engineering objects.

TitanX is truly FFF/FDM-optimized as it has zero warping, a perfect interlayer adhesion and can be printed directly on a heated glass plate without any adhesives or tapes to be used.

See below for selection
From $55.00 inc GST

PLA Filament by Ultimaker

Ultimaker PLA (polylactic acid) filament provides a no-hassle 3D printing experience thanks to its reliability and good surface quality. Our PLA is made from organic and renewable sources. It’s safe, easy to print with and it serves a wide range of applications for both novice and advanced users.

750g net

See below for selection
From $71.90 inc GST

Markforged Onyx Filament 800cm3

Onyx yields stiff, strong, and accurate parts. Unique to Markforged, Onyx is 1.4 times stronger and stiffer than ABS, and can be reinforced with any continuous fiber. Markforged Onyx sets the bar for surface finish, chemical resistivity, and heat tolerance.

Compatible with: Onyx One, Onyx Pro, Mark Two, X3, X5, X7 Available for immediate delivery
$363.80 inc GST
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